Contact us: Chat: Whatsapp + 44 7378503 572 / Email: SUPPORT@GALAXY-MINERS.COM
Contact us: Chat: Whatsapp + 44 7378503 572 / Email: SUPPORT@GALAXY-MINERS.COM

Shipping and Delivery


The products on our website are priced in U.S. dollars. Payments are accepted via wire transfer, paypal and through reliable payment gateways COINBASE. The BITCOIN amount that corresponds to the total balance of your placed order will be provided upon checkout using the exchange rate of BITCOIN to U.S. dollars in real time (as displayed on COINBASE platform). Due to the volatility of BITCOIN price, orders are valid only for a certain period.




All orders will be sent to our warehouse for dispatch within 1-2 business days  (DHL Express, UPS, FEDEX) after a full payment of the order has been verified 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?


For  ALL MINING EQUIPMENT - GPUs( Video cards) and Asic miners - Delivery time : 3-5 days / 24h processing time!

For All Custom products (Watches, Wallets, Wall Clock, T-shirts etc.)  Need little more 2-3 days processing time and 7-14 days delivery time!

Needs couple of days to get tracking number, If your tracking doesn’t show the most up to date status, please do not panic, it's on its way :)



Customs Charges

If the customer's country or region charges fees like import tariff, value added tax, customs handling fees, etc, the customer will have to bear the charge(s). The fees will be collected by the Post Office or courier service provider of the customer's country or region. In case the delivery of an order is delayed due to customs, we bear no responsibility in this circumstances. We do not issue any proof of export documents, such as proof of country of origin, or export visas.

Holiday Season

NOTE: During the seasonal period (eg Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter) there might be some delay in posting process. During this period, please allow 7 extra business days for delivery. If an item has not been delivered within the approx. day stated above plus 7 extra days; please send us an email, we will refund your shipping cost as well as an exclusive discount coupon



Occasionally, parcels are returned to us as undeliverable. We will re-dispatch your order whereby any additional charges shall be borne by you.

  • Incorrect address: If the address is incorrect or outdated, the parcel will typically be returned to us by our carrier (DHL,UPS,FEDEX) or unintended recipient. Please double-check the address carefully before placing your order.
  • Incorrect address format: If our system does not recognize the format of the address, DHL,UPS,FEDEX may not be able to deliver the parcel to such address.
  • Failed delivery attempts:DHL,UPS,FEDEX will make more than one attempt to deliver a parcel. In the event of failed delivery attempt, the parcel will be returned to us.
  • Refused by recipient: A gift recipient who is not expecting a gift may refuse a parcel if he/she believes that it is being delivered by mistake.
  • Illegible address: In rare cases, address labels may become illegible in transit. In such case, DHL,UPS,FEDEX will return the parcel to us.
  • Damaged in transit: If a parcel is damaged during the transit, DHL,UPS,FEDEX  may return the parcel to us without attempting delivery.

For additional inquiries regarding our shipping and delivery, contact our Support Service via :